Author: Christina Eleton
April 15, 2021

The Ultimate Chicken Coop Tractor (Predator-Proof, Mobile & Easy To Clean)

The Ultimate Chicken Coop Tractor that has all the bases covered...not only will your chickens will be happy and safe, you'll love how easy it is to move and clean this coop!

Chicken coop tractor with chickens and flowers in the window.

You may have heard it said that the chicken is the most valuable animal on the homestead.  We’ve had our chickens for three years now and know this to be true.  There is always a fresh supply of eggs every single day waiting for us, (not to mention they are the best pest control around the house for sure).  And an added bonus, their antics bring lots of joy and laughter to our family.  We have grown quite attached to these little friends.  So the question is...why did we wait so long to get chickens?  Well, for us it was all about finding the perfect coop and it just wasn’t out there.

We moved to our homestead about 6 years ago and knew that chickens would be a definite first addition.  We began searching and searching for the proper housing that would meet our expectations.  This went on for several years, but we could never find the one we envisioned.  There was a certain chicken tractor in our mind that, if it were only out there, would be just perfect. 😊

Inside of the chicken coop tractor with chickens and flowers in the window, water bucket and feeder.

First of all, it had to be mobile, predator-proof and easy to clean...oh and definitely NOT made of wood because of potentially rotting.  We were just not seeing the criteria we were looking for on the market, so we just kept patiently waiting, until... Just a few months back, my husband just so happened to come across an ad for a manufacturer in Kansas that made weather-proof, predator-proof, mobile chicken coops.  He came to me and said, "I found it!". We both knew right when we saw it, this was exactly what we had been looking for in a coop. The Chalet Chicken Tractor is a DREAM and completely exceeds our expectations.   There is not another coop on the market that is as safe or as easy to clean.  Whenever it's time to clean, we just spray it down with a water hose, which only takes minutes. I can tell you story after story of friends that dread this part with traditional coops. This alone is SO worth it. And as for safety, each night we lower the hatch door, lift the stairway and our chickens go up to their second level roost, (for added protection from predators). This gives us such peace of mind. Again, we hear many stories of nighttime predator invasions in traditional chicken housing. I'm thankful we can rest easy and not have to worry about this.

Girl pulling chicken coop tractor.

The Chalet Chicken Tractor is a MUST, especially if you lead busy lives like we do. This whole journey has been an awesome experience, especially for our daughters. They have truly enjoyed sharing the responsibilities and have learned so much this past year. We are beyond satisfied with our decision and happy to share our find with you.

For a limited time, we are thrilled to be teaming up with this amazing manufacturer so we can help spread the word of what we think is the ULTIMATE chicken coop.

So if you keep chickens and have had it with those pesky predators or just sick and tired of the countless hours of the traditional way of cleaning a coop...don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

We just learned there is a limited supply and these sell out REALLY quickly.

 For further questions or assistance email us here: [email protected].

 As if you weren't sold already, I'll leave you with a few more facts and reasons to love this coop even more.

Chalet Chicken Tractor

Features include:

  • EZ-lift system for easy movement: It raises onto four wheels, latches in place, and rolls easily over grass. The EZ-lift system sets the Egg Cart’n apart from other chicken tractors of similar size.
  • Stairway can be raised for protection from night predators, lowered for grazing access, and removed for cleaning
  • Perforated floor for easy cleanup
  • Double nest box for chickens to lay their eggs
  • Door into the nest for collecting eggs
  • Roost
  • Feeder, watering bucket, and hanging brackets
  • Sliding gate to let the chickens enjoy free range
  • Corrugated plastic skirting to protect chickens during cold weather
  • Flower box for a splash of color from your favorite flowers
chicken coop tractor with chickens and flowers in the window

Let us know all about your chicken experiences, we would love to hear!

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