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I started becoming health-conscious when I became pregnant with my first child. I began to take control of what I was putting in and on my body by switching to a clean-living lifestyle. Everything from healthy food choices, natural skincare and eliminating stress became top priority..especially because of this little person that I was bringing into the world. I knew that every choice I made, not only affected me, but this child growing inside of me. 

Well, that was almost 20 years ago and I’ve been researching and learning ever since. I soon realized that even though I was food-conscious in my early twenties, I was still dealing with some health concerns, such as fatigue, brain fog, neck/back pain, and a few skin issues, (just to name a few). I knew there was more I needed to learn, there was something I was missing. So, I dug deeper into my studies and research which led me to the final piece of the puzzle that changed my life and health forever. 

What I’ve learned firsthand is that certain foods trigger inflammation in the body which is the root of most health concerns. Once I started eliminating these trigger foods, these issues I was dealing with began diminishing. I started feeling more energy and more alive…my skin began to clear and my neck & back pain totally disappeared. You can ask my husband what a miracle this is, he would have to massage my neck on many occasions just for me to get some relief. Removing these foods from my diet solved a lot of things, but I wasn’t going to let it rob me from the dishes I love and crave. My passion is taking recipes that I have loved growing up and recreating them into healthful dishes without compromising the taste.

I’m so excited for you to come along this journey with me so I can show you how easily you too can enjoy a clean-living lifestyle.

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