Author: Christina Eleton
November 12, 2020

DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom On A Budget

Incorporating farmhouse shelves and decor to your bathroom will add such beautiful style and character to your home. Here are a few tips on how to transform your space on a budget.

My daughter had a vision, and with a little thought and work she made it happen.  From the shelving to the decor, EVERYTHING was all her idea. This DIY project she just put together in her bathroom started with one piece of wood and a little stain. 

Creating and completing a project yourself is not only more fulfilling, it saves you money as well.  Total cost ended up being around $30.00, (instead of $100.00 for the pre-built shelves).


Supplies Needed To Complete This Project

  • Unfinished wood
  • Natural stain
  • Black iron pipes
  • Decor

This project all started with one piece of wood my daughter bought at Home Depot.  She then found these adorable black iron pipes online to anchor the shelves, creating a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look. 

Steps To Complete This Project

  • Cut wood into 3 pieces
  • Stain wood pieces
  • Install hardware
  • Incorporate decor

With a little help from her dad cutting the wood into 3 pieces, she then stained them to her liking with our favorite non-toxic walnut stain that we keep on hand.  Hardware was then installed into place on the wall and the wood shelves were added. 

My daughter’s decor was just the right amount of personal touch to make this project complete.  One of our favorite additions are these little potted plants, (we have several throughout our house). They are definitely something that enhances, no matter the space.

This project turned out so beautifully that every time we walk pass her bathroom, we can’t help but glance at it. With a little creativity you can turn anything into something that you can be proud of! 

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