Author: Christina Eleton
November 20, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide For The Whole Family

My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is here! ❤️
These are all products we love and use ourselves and we’ve included our very own personal description with each one. When it comes to gifts, we are all about experiences and investments.
I hope you enjoy reading about a few of our favorite things!


If you are looking for organic chemical free skincare just the way God intended, Christina’s Organics Skincare is your solution. Several years back, I couldn’t find a skincare line I could trust to be safe, so I formulated my own. We hope you love them as much as we do!


Last year for Christmas my husband surprised me with a Kitchenaid mixer. He knew I had been wanting one of these for months...a white one to be exact. I absolutely love it! It is a must for making perfect icing every time. My daughters and I enjoyed it so much last Christmas and beyond. It’s so beautiful as a decoration sitting on my kitchen counter, I leave it out all year long.


The air inside of your home could be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air. After months of researching air purification systems, I finally made the decision to go with Air Doctor Pro. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It is remarkable the difference it makes.  My house is smelling so fresh and clean, not to mention the peace of mind that it gives.  

(Curling Wand)

I finally listened to my daughter and tried out her styling wand. I was blown away and have never gone back to the curling irons that I once used.  Since using the wand, I now have the look I want as well as saving myself so much time. I stumbled across my absolute favorite styling wand last year…and I must say, it’s the prettiest one I’ve ever seen!

(Chore Classic Steel Toe Work Boots)

For the hard working man in your life, these are the perfect boots. Whether working outside or for the serious hunter, these are hard to beat.  I wanted to give my husband a special birthday gift this year, and oh how he needed a pair of new boots. It’s safe to say, he was very happy and impressed with his gift.


Several years back my husband bought me a cappuccino/espresso maker.  Let me tell you, it has been a wonderful investment for sure. We have saved so much by making our own coffee. Recently, I blogged about our coffee bar we put together. I meet my husband there every morning. It’s our favorite time together.  This machine is our favorite addition to the coffee bar.


If you want to make your cooking experience quicker and easier, get you an Instant Pot. You can have dinner on the table in half the time. We actually have two and have given several out as gifts.  I use both of ours very often.

(Food Processor)

The ultimate multipurpose kitchen tool that is a must for every kitchen. From puréeing sauces and dips, to grinding nuts, making pizza dough and pie crusts, the possibilities are endless with a food processor. It’s been one of the most used appliances in my kitchen for sure.


My husband has thoroughly enjoyed this propane torch. Everything from destroying fire ant mounds to killing weeds, it’s a fun solution...not to mention most natural especially when you have chickens walking around and food growing on your property.  

(Travel Coffee Maker)

When it comes to traveling, I’m sure not a fan of hotel coffee makers. I’m the wife/mom who thoroughly cleans the entire hotel room before my family can enter…and I sure don’t trust the coffee machine to be clean. That is where the travel size Keurig saves the day. It’s the perfect solution. We take it on all of our trips.


When people ask me what's the most important thing to start with to have a healthy home...I say water, water, water!! And not just any water, but water that has been filtered using a high quality filtration unit. My absolute favorite is the Berkey Filters line of water filters. We actually have two now, Big Berkey and Royal Berkey. You especially need to filter your water if you drink city/county tap water that has been chemically treated. With all the uncertainty lately, I sure wouldn’t want to be without one of these.


The best cookware in my opinion is cast iron. Some women collect purses and shoes, I collect cast iron skillets. I can promise you this, you will have better tasting food for sure...and the best part, you don’t have to worry about chemical leaching from the pan like you do with nonstick skillets.  Lodge is the only brand of cast iron that I trust and allow into my home.  For one, it’s made in the USA and there is no competition when it comes to the craftsmanship.

(Ice Cream Maker)

One of my favorite desserts to make for my family is homemade ice cream. I whip up our favorite recipes in no time. I love it that I can control the ingredients and even make it dairy-free. An ice cream maker is definitely a fun activity to do with the kids.


This is my favorite organic essential oil set for cleaning and making my house smell so fresh and clean. Just add a few drops to a cup of baking soda and sprinkle on your carpet, rugs and upholstery before vacuuming. You will thank me later.❤️

(by Jenny Highsmith)

My teenage daughter told me she would love to have this faith inspired hand lettering book. And of course, I certainly wanted her to have it. Not only is she learning calligraphy, but think of all the encouraging scripture that is poured into her while learning the art.  Each letter is accompanied by a Scripture verse and devotional for practicing your lettering and meditating on God’s word.  For those who want to learn how to hand letter and can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a class, this book will teach you all the basic strokes, the letters of the alphabet, style/composition and so much more on your lettering journey.


My youngest daughter decided she was going to build herself a Barbie house this year. Well, in the meantime, she stumbled across one almost identical to the one she envisioned and drew out on paper. It made sense financially and time wise to go with this one for her birthday. I’ve never seen a more perfect Barbie house, especially the size. I’m not a fan of the wimpy small expensive ones that you see the child growing out of after 4-5 years old. My daughter absolutely loves her Barbie house and I love the fact that she still likes to play barbies. She won’t be little forever. I’m so happy we got this when we did. I can tell she’s growing up and changing daily.


My youngest daughter has thoroughly enjoyed this milk frother.  She loves to make the whole family hot tea and the frother adds a special touch which allows her creativeness to come out.  This little tool is not only a great stocking stuffer, but inexpensive and fun to have around.    


The Fiddle Leaf Tree is my Favorite tree for the home.  I love the way this looks sitting in our living room.  It gives any room a cozy feel and adds an extra special touch.  My girls and I actually purchased a real fiddle leaf tree before this one and what they say is really true, (it’s very hard to keep the leaves from browning).  Keep in mind, my girls are the ULTIMATE plant care takers, so I knew it was gonna be challenging taking on a real fiddle leaf tree.  The only solution was an artificial one. This fiddle leaf tree is just as beautiful and the best part, maintenance free.  I bought a natural woven basket to sit it in and it complements any corner of a room.

(w/ Lights & Sounds)

This past Christmas my youngest wanted a play kitchen to be able to play cook along with me.  Just like the Barbie House I mentioned above, I didn’t want a wimpy expensive one.  This play kitchen met all of our expectations.  It is so beautiful and we even left it in the kitchen for awhile for my daughter to cook along with mommy.  We have lots of memories together that I will never forget.

Collector's Edition Village 327 Real-Wood Pieces  

Every child needs to experience Lincoln Logs. These have been a fun activity for the whole family. Lots of memories made for sure.  Hours and hours of play!


This year has been the year of organization here at my house.  From closets, to the washroom and pantry, we set out to organize the whole house.  I wanted the containers we chose to be beautiful, so I went with natural woven baskets.  I can now say I LOVE opening up my closets even if it’s just to peek in there to see how beautiful they look. 


We LOVE these eucalyptus potted plants.  It’s amazing how much they add to a room or space.  I have them sitting in my kitchen, in my office and on our coffee bar station.  


If you like to cook, especially bake, these measuring tools are a must to have around.  I recently bought a couple of sets because mine were usually in the dishwasher when I needed them most.  


The BEST way to keep your drink hot or cold.  Need I say more…ok, prettiest way to keep your drink hot or cold. They come in so many colors.  I LOVE this pink one.   I don’t have to worry about my coffee getting cold anymore. 

(Grain-Free Dog Food)

We believe the best gift we can give our furry friends is the gift of health and a longer life.  We spent hundreds of dollars at the vet on health/skin issues for our Westie until we discovered Zignature Salmon Dog Food.  Not only did it help his skin clear up, he is living a fuller life…not to mention adding a few extra years to his lifespan.  With all the terrible reports on most store-bought dog food lately, I wouldn’t trust any other brand.  And trust me, I’ve searched the world over and no other compares or is made with clean ingredients like Zignature. 

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